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JD Garage Equipment are at the forefront of exciting new changes in the garage equipment industry and are working with international suppliers to bring innovative new equipment to our customers.

We offer new ideas, new technologies, new levels of service and a total commitment to our customers, and are proud to say that we work with some of the most prestigious groups in the UK.

Senior Management Team

JD Engineering (Northern) Ltd (trading as JD Garage Equipment) is still a family owned and run business with over 50 years experience. The Directors form the pinnacle of the senior management team and had ‘in the field’ experience before progressing to run the operational elements of the business.

Since 1990 the company has grown to provide nationwide coverage. Our continuous growth and success has been achieved by building a reputation for quality, service, value and genuine dedication to our customers.

Garage Equipment

  • Dear Sir

    I thought I would drop you a line to express my sincere thanks to you and your team.
    Having decided to go ahead with an ATL M.O.T bay, I spent several months looking at various makes of equipment and numerous suppliers, JD Garage Equipment included.
    Although the thought of brand new equipment was very tempting, the reality in trying to get the credit to purchase such equipment proved very difficult. That combined with the fact that the new equipment would come with an large leasing bill each month made me start to think about used equipment.
    I must point out that James Everard of JD Garage Equipment had been extremely helpful in assisting me with detailed plans and various options, even with this been a very small job for them, they visited me onsite on two occasions to advice on the position of the equipment.
    I therefore felt somewhat apprehensive in ringing James to tell him that I no longer wanted new equipment but wanted to go the route of used. I not only wanted used, I wanted the best used for the cheapest price and with all the back up support and warranty you get with new equipment. James listened intently to my phone call and said, “Stuart if its used equipment you want then I will go away and have a look at what we can do for you”.
    Some two or three days later James rang me on my mobile and said he would send me an e mail with some options that he thought would be very appealing to me. Sure enough they were very appealing. A mixture of new and nearly new equipment at a very affordable price. I was very interested.
    I then pointed out to James that I wanted to do the civil work myself. James kindly sent me all relevant plans and dimensions to enable me to have the site prepared ready for the equipment.
    The equipment arrived some weeks later on the exact day that James promised. The two installation engineers were nothing short of brilliant. They spent the next two very long twelve-hour days fitting the brake tester, ramp and headlight alignment.
    The equipment is perfect and I am over the moon with it and its installation.
    Whenever I have needed information or Advice, James has been at the other end of the phone. If he does not know the answer he finds out the information and rings you back as promised.
    James is a perfect gentleman and a workaholic who has a positive attitude to everything. His team is a credit to him and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending J.D Engineering to anyone.

    Kind Regards Stuart Lankford
    Avalon Automotive Limited

    Stuart LankfordAvalon Automotive Limited
  • Just want to provide some positive feedback ref our recent ramp services. I’m sure we’re all quick to complain but rarely say thank you, so here goes!

    I held 1-2-1 meetings with the techs yesterday, and part of our 1-2-1 is to ask about their ramps etc. for H&S.

    All of the technicians were pleased with their ramps after the service, and they all praised the engineer.

    Sorry I don’t know the guy’s name, he hasn’t been to us before.

    The guys particularly noted that after he had serviced the ramps he wiped them down which was a really nice touch.

    It made a refreshing change to ask the tech’s about their ramps and have all of them say they were happy ha ha.

    Please pass on your thanks to your engineer!!!!

    James Ducker

    Service Leader
    Evans Halshaw Renault – Dacia

    James DuckerService Leader Evans Halshaw Renault


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